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1 year of blogging

On February 28, 2022, I posted my first ever blog post on my Bear Blog, called Hello there!.

At thd time, I was just a teenager who does a lot of programming, but comnunicate isn't as great.

And while I did build a previous blog before, it went to pretty much nowhere.

I first started the blog to post about programming, which is my biggest passion.

But over many months, that has shifted into writing about random thoughts and whatever intrigues me.

I still write about programming, but often as a small mention.

I have written over 80 posts spanning from March to November, and I wrote an average of 5 posts per month.

I have improved how I write a lot. My thoughts flow out much more easier, I start paying attention more to things around me, and I learned that you don't have to follow the formulaic structure that you were taught in class.

Of course, I have written some cringeworthy stuff, stuff so bad I don't want to look back, but at the same time I learned from them, and learned about the previous me.

I also have a problem with my work ethic, which is why you will see me not posting for days, and then write two or three posts in a row.

But overall, I am grateful that I have started this whole journey. So many people have said nice things to me through email, and that has been a major motivation for me to continue it, along with just improving my writing.

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