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Hello there! I am Tuan, and I write about personal life stories and random stuff on here.

You might know this blog from Note-taking isn't rocket science, but I also write Using an outdated machine and A little overview of WebTV.

Most people know me as a programmer, but I also draws pixel art, make music, and learn things just cause.

Some of my favorite sites on Neocities

Note: I don't use Neocities myself, but these sites are peak of the Internet

Starbage Fizzsea


metasyn.pw for the rainbow stripes. I no longer use the rainbow stripe, as it's comically large.

CSS style used: Subreply CSS (A classless CSS style that I made).

Font used for everything: Route 159.

Blockquotes style stolen from this blog.

Background style stolen from fizzsea's Neocities page. I no longer used this style, but it could be useful for someone.

body {
  color: #fdddc8;
  font-family: Verdana;
  margin: 0;
  background-color: #170f25;
	opacity: 1;
	background-image:  linear-gradient(#211038 2.6px, transparent 2.6px), linear-gradient(90deg, #211038 2.6px, transparent 2.6px), linear-gradient(#211038 1.3px, transparent 1.3px), linear-gradient(90deg, #211038 1.3px, #170f25 1.3px);
	background-size: 65px 65px, 65px 65px, 13px 13px, 13px 13px;
	background-position: -2.6px -2.6px, -2.6px -2.6px, -1.3px -1.3px, -1.3px -1.3px;

Code block CSS stolen from Adi Linden

BTW you can get cool web badges from The 88x31 GIF Collection and Jules Neo Home.

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