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A list of cool ideas

Here is a list of cool ideas that I have. They will be, I think, quite fun to make and looks more impressive than those mediocre app ideas that you see on the Internet.

This is intended as a living document, and will be updated indefinitely as I have more ideas and become older.

The idea are also ranked by how hard I think it is to build the app. This is not correct 100%, of course.

Ok, let's start the list.

  1. Link in bio service (Like Linktree or bio.link) (Intermediate)

    Note: These websites have pretty creative URLs, ngl

  2. Buy-me-a-coffee service (With Stripe) (Hard)
  3. Website screenshot tool (With Abstract API) (Easy)
  4. UML Diagram (With nomnoML or Mermaid) (Easy)
  5. Social bookmarking service (Like Pinterest or TinyGem) (Hard)
  6. Simple rich text editor (With TinyMCE) (Easy). Can extended to:
    • Wiki software

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