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Archiving blogs on Bear

Believe it or not, blogs on Bear are dying at a rapid speed.

Blogs that you saw a few months ago are very likely to be deleted and never to be seen anymore. Because of this, blogs on Bear are regularly archived by Archive Team at archive.org, a team of volunteers dedicated to "saving copies of rapidly dying or deleted websites for the sake of history and digital heritage".

There are a lot of reasons why people may delete their blogs. Sometimes they don't have the passion to blog anymore (which is unfortunate), sometimes they realize that their posts don't do as well as they wanted to and gave up.

Regardless of the reason, it is important for us to archive blogs on this platform, because we are archiving the writings, the notes and the thoughts of someone before they decided to deleted their words from the Internet, forever.

I quite regularly archive my blogs and pages. In fact, the first thing that I do after publishing a blog post, is to archive it.

From this, I want you to use archiving services, like archive.org and archive.ph, to archive your blogs (if you have one), and other people's blogs. Because that way, our words (and other people's words) on the Internet would not be sink into oblivion.

Note: I have a very hard time trying to write the last sentence, and this is the first time I wrote like this, so the writing is a bit sloppy. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and understand and act with the message.


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