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So, today is Christmas!

I am very busy recently. Too many homeworks to do and not enough time for relax.

I am about to have one of the most important exam of my life: The high school exam.

Because of this, plus the fact that I am part of the gifted IT club, which means that I have to also take an exam on gifted IT, make me pretty nervous, as I have not been practicing for so long.

About the three main subjects of the exam (Math, English, and Literature), I am not worried about English, as I can write and read English pretty well.

I'm however scared of Math a bit, but I have my brother (who's a math freak) who can help me with solving the questions.

Literature is my biggest challenge, as it requires analyzing the emotions and feelings of a character in a story, which I am not experienced at. My mother sent me to an extra class, but I am still somewhat concerned.

But all things aside, this morning I'm chilling with my family. Having breakfast and coffee outside.

Finally, I just wanna say: Happy Christmas, and enjoy the day!

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