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Don't turn your hobbies into chores

One of the biggest mistakes that I made with my creative hobbies was taking it too seriously.

When programming was my main and only hobby, I spent all of my waking time on programming.

And when I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it.

I kept thinking about what I should made next, to the point that I asked my brother for ideas.

And this is the main reason why I burnt out and almost never came back to programmimg anymore.

Since then, I have realized this, and I started paying attention into my other hobbies.

Whenever I felt like I took my little creative activities too seriously or I'm being too stressed out by it, I just told to myself, "Take it easy".

And I think anyone should also take this as an advice, too.

Hobbies are things that you do for fun and that makes you feel happy, not things that you do out of obligaiton or because you had to.

So just wing it around, let ideas incubate and grow, and start making when you are ready.

Bottom line?

Don't turn your hobbies into chores.

It never goes well if you do that.

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