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Expanding my creative mediums

Hello there. Long time no blog.

I have not been writing for some time because I'm expanding my creative mediums onto other forms of art.

In the start of this year, I kickstarted my 100 days of pixel art journey, where I learned about pixel art techniques and try to create 100 different works in 100 days.

When I start this, I didn't have any expection for myself, as this is just a learning journey, and I want to be relaxed for most of the time.

So far, I have created a few works that I'm pretty proud of, and learned a lot of things along the way.


A little Sashimi that I made.

I'm also having a mind full of interesting ideas, though I not sure if I have the balls or the skills to make them a reality.

At this time, I also created a Mastodon account (say hi to me there!), as a move from Twitter.

I have been keep fighting between creating an account on Mastodon with creating an account (n Tumbker, as I wanted a place to share my thoughts and works. Eventually I chose Mastodon since it's seem to be a pretty friendly platform for me and fit to my writing-active brain more than Tumblr.

At the time of this moment, I'm keeping both the pixel art journey and my writing journey going. I don't have any plan to kill them soon, though I will slow down from writing.

So, that's it for today. As always, keep going with your day, and check out my Mastodon account.

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