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Failures are just successes waiting to be discovered

People often say something like, "With each failures, you are being closer to your success" or "Failures are the blocks to success".

But not many people realized that failures, more often than not, are successes.

And the more you are involved into making creative works, the more painfully obvious it becomes.

Think about it, how many times have you seen someone's work blow up on the Internet only for them to say "Idk I just fuck around"?

Or how many times has your own work gone viral even though you only spend a couple of minutes making them?

If you throw off all of that pressure, all of that identity that you have and just wing it around, then you will be able to discover success faster and more often than if you try too hard to make your work good.

Failures can bring us so many valuable things.

They not only teaches us to get better, they sometimes are also gems that is waiting us to be discovered.

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