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Fame is hard

I sometimes like to dream big.

You know, getting 10k views per day, getting 200k followers on Tok Tok (even though I don't even use it), things like that.

But the more I'm into blogging, the more I realized it's not all easy as that.

You have to work your ass to get recognition, and in traditional media outlets (which is blogging and other text-based social medias), getting attention is getting harder and harder without some intense sharing legwork and a four-leaf clover in your pocket.

Of course you could just speedrun to fame by saying outlandish wild shit (cough cough Andrew Tate), but that kind of fame doesn't last long.

There's also a chance that you can grow your persona faster on YouTube and other social media platforms, but still, you have to go through a painful road before you can get the sweet fruits.

Except if you are an ASMR or cooking channel, those grow like mushrooms after rain.

Btw I'm about to have the most important exams of my life (which is the pre-high school test) so I have been busy and not writing much. I am currently working on a pretty big article at the moment and wrote this just to keep in touch with my readers.

So, goodbye and have a good day!

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