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Little funny story

Today when I was having dinner in my family I noticed in our pink bask a little device that looks like an earphone, but only have a little square at the head of the cable.

It got me intrigued for a little, so I decided to try it out.

After dinner, I plugged the device into my phone's audio jack, since I thought it was an audio device, and try to play some YouTube videos.

And, no sound.

I thought it might just be the device having some trouble so I replugged it in again.

And... still no sound.

At this moment, the device seems to be long dead, and I unplugged it in a little disappointment.

Then, something unexpected happened.

The jack got stuck in the audio plug.

Because it was still in the plug, my phone thinks that the device is still plugged, so it didn't play any sound when I play audio.

It took me several minutes using my mother's tweezer to take out the outside of the jack, and then take out the inside that was still attaching.

Here's an image of the device, after I took it out from my phone:

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