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Hosting fonts locally for Subreply CSS

As promised in the previous post, today I will show you how you can host the font that Subreply CSS used (which is Route 159) locally for your project, and use them with Subreply.

Step 1: Download the font

Go to the website of Route 159, then click on the Download button.

Click on the Download button

After that, the zip file containing the fonts should start installing.

Step 2: Extract the font

After the installation was done, go to the folder containing the font, then unzip the zip file.

If you are using the terminal, use the command unzip <filename>, e.g. unzip route159_110.zip.

If you are using Windows, you can read this article from Microsoft.

After unzipping, your fonts folder should look like this:

Your fonts folder should look like this

Step 3: Move the fonts file to your project

After extracted all the fonts, we need to move them into your project.

Go to the directory Web Fonts, then:

mv Route159-Bold.woff <your-project>
mv Route159-Regular.woff <your-project>

These two files!

Step 4: Modify the CSS

Finally, we need to directly modify the CSS, so that it will work with our local fonts.

First, opening the CSS file containing Subreply CSS, using your favorite editor.

Then, using the Find and Replace feature of your editor, replace the following text with their corresponded text:

Save the file, and your fonts should start working!

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If you feel like the screenshot is from 2010 or something, then it's because I don't do image editing that well. This is my very first times using Krita and GIMP, so the quality isn't that good :)

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