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How to sleep like a 7 year-old

So recently, I have read Hanki's post and Zan's post about sleeping. As someone who has insomnia, I want to add some more points to this.

Don't try hard to sleep

This is probably the hardest thing to do as an insomnia sufferer. Don't put pressure into trying to sleep. It will just make it harder to fall asleep.

Make your bedroom a sleep heaven

Turn off all the lights possible and open a window if the weather is cool.

Avoid checking the time at night


Don't get tortured if you can't fall asleep

If you can't fall asleep for the first 20 minutes or so into sleeping, wake up, get a cup of water, then do some light activity, like meditating, doing a crossword, listening to music, etc. Doing this until you feel sleepy, then go back to the bed.

Don't do stuff on your bed

Don't do anything (watching, gaming, working, whatever) on your bed. Your bed is for sleeping, not for anything else. This will help strengthen your brain's connection between sleep and bed.

Enjoy the nature

As soon as you wake up, go outside and get as much daylight as possible, especially in the morning. If you can't go outside, then looking outside an opened window is the next best thing.

I hope these short advises will help all of my fellow insomnia sufferers out there, and also will help improve your sleep in general.

A part of this post is taken from this article by Psyche.

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