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I'm a Youtube addict

This post is taken from my HN comment on the post Youtube Addiction

I'm also a Youtube addict whose only active social medias are Youtube and HN. I do use Discord and Twitter but quite lightly.

I can't imagine the amount of time I have spent on Youtube. On my screen time tracking app, I have already spent 20+ hours on Youtube only. That's almost one goddamn day! Now imagine that plus my two years since I bought this phone.

On Youtube, I get pulled in for things I don't really cared or have never heard about. Last week it waa Bluey (which seems pretty good), now it was about Nardwuar. Last time it was Radiohead, now it is CS:GO histories.

Youtube is so good at pulling me in and find the things I could be interested that sometimes I just wish Youtube's surveilliance tool will automagically knows exactly what I wanted and just served it up to my Recommendation, since for whatever reasion I refused to use the search bar.

In my journey of beating my social media addiction, Youtube is the true final boss (HN is also a big boss but not on the same level). I have been aggressively and gradually reduced my Youtube time. Refused to use it until it's 10 AM. Only used it as a break between my pomodoro sessions. I have not fully remove Youtube addiction in my life yet, but I'm on the way.

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