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Lesson learned from a Show HN

Yesterday, I decided to upload a Show HN submission. The thing that I show is Lipu, A Hacker News alternative interface. At first, I didn't think of anything else. All things that I expected is some points and 1-2 comments about it, just like with my other submissions. After all, Lipu is already pretty solid and flawless, right?

Turns out, I underestimated that.

Not even a day has passed, and I already have 10 points and 19 comments. The most I ever have in my entire time on HN. The fact that a Show HN about yet another HN alternative blows my mind.

This also happens to blow up my other social medias. Mostly on my blog, which usually has >20 views at most, now has >50 views.

At first, I got really nervous when I tried to open the comments section. It is kinda like with the comments section of every other social media that I used: I got really nervous when I am about to read what people think about my opinion or about my projects. I don't really know what caused this. Maybe because I am way too shy. I also have this feeling when taking a selfie of me and set it has my profile picture on Codeforces.

But after feeling brave enough to see what other people talks about my projects, I decided to open it up.

And boy, does my HN alternative get slapped in the ass.

Almost all the comments are negative (but also helpful). The problem that I see the most with all the comments is:

After this happened, I have learned a lot. I learned from the comments to make my HN alternative better, and I learned one important lesson: Never underestimate a review. When people start reviewing your product and show how flawed it is, you will realize how much your ego has blinded you.

If you are interested, you can check out Lipu or see the submission See the comments of this post

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