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Milking for karma on Hacker News

Note from the future: After this got published and submitted on HN by me, I feel like kinda guilty for even writing it. The submission also seem to have its first comment(s), which I'm sure will not be very positive.

A thing that I have recently learned about submitting stuff on Hacker News is that everybody there has an opinion about a popular software/website/service. And I use that fact as an advantage.

This seems to be a well-proven and solid way to get useless Internet brownies fast. As seen on my submission of Beautiful Soup, Deluge, Privacy Badger and Shotcut, and some older submissions, such as my submission of Flask Mega-Tutorial. All of these submissions gains hundreds of points (which is pretty big in the HN community), and gain healthy discussions.

These also works with submissions that are controversial or relatable, such as my submission of I don't like Medium, or, the biggest wins I have ever had, why do you waste so much time on the internet., gaining over a thousand points and over 600 comments.

Of course not all of my submissions are like this. There are some more ethical and interesting submissions, such as I'm a fucking webmaster, Tilde.town, or my favorite, ShadyURL.

Lesson learned? If your sole goal is to grow your Hacker News account, submit things that people will relate to or are controversial. It usually does way better than normal software submissions and has more consistency of giving you good results.

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