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My first steps of getting rid of social media

After reading Cactusdan's Recent Blog Post, I have decided to finally take steps of getting rid of social media in my day-to-day life.

The reason why it takes me so long is that I simply just... don't take steps. I am aware that social media is sucking my soul and energy, but my brain keeps me away from unhooking it.

The first thing that I do is to remove almost all social media apps on my phone, including Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. After uninstalling, I left with:

I also set the LeechBlock NG on both my mobile and desktop Firefox to block all social media websites all day. This keeps me 100% away from the site, and using LeechBlock is much more effective than Impulse Blocker (which I used to use on my desktop)

Right now the only social media that I didn't block on my desktop Firefox are Hacker News and Bear. Hacker News because I felt like it at least brings me some value (compared to other social media), and Bear because, well, I use it to tell you this!

However, I still use Twitter and Hacker News for a short amount of time to promote this blog post and notify my followers and whoever is interested in my blog. So I don't get rid of these completely, but I get rid of them most of the time.

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