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Note: This post is very raw, and very opinionated.

Recently, I have seen AI (mostly on traditional media and sometimes on social media) being portrayed in this pessimistic one-sided view.

Things like "AI is bad/creepy/disturbing/will take over our jobs/etc etc"

While I am not saying that any of these are false, only saying that "AI is disturbing" is like saying that "Video games encourages violence".

It's a view point that ages like milk.

There are definitely ways that we can use AI for peaceful purposes without making the world more problematic and scarier than it needs to be.

And do I think AI will take all of our jobs? Personally, no.

At least, not in the long run.

While artists are losing jobs because if it right now, it is only a matter of time before companies realize that even with all of these fanciful technologies that could create beautiful works in a single click, they still need a human.

They still need someone who could bring heart and soul into the work itself, not some emotionless machine that spits out drawings based on some numbers.

Bottom line?

There's nothing wrong and scary about AI itself.

It is just that we used it for the wrong purposes.

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