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On Twitter

I find it hard to believe that there are some people who got addicted onto the blue bird.

Because to me, using Twitter is more boring than having to work as an accountant.

(No, I don't work as an accountant, and none of my relatives do, but I can imagine that being an accountant, you can still have some fun)

You have to spend a copious amount of time on Twitter for it to recommend the things that you may like.

And humans are lazy, no one likes working hard to get the good stuff from something that should be good already.

I think that Twitter is so boring is because those tweets that are supposed to be "highly-engaging" and "instantly debatable" (I took that one from the vlogbrothers), aren't actually engaging, or at least not interesting enough for a debate.

It's also that Twitter just seems worse in my eyes than any other social media.

I know that every large social network out there always get made fun of, but Twitter seems to be the one that got more of those.

(And no, I won't talk about the Elon Musk acquisition here. I don't care honestly)

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