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Receiving feedback be like

I think any person who has made creative works before will relate to my feelings here.

You are casually just scrolling on social media, when you receive an notification.

it was from Gmail, the heading reads "Coursera" and the description reads "New Feedback on your submision".

You then remember that you are participating on a Coursera course about writing, and you are receiving a feedback on your novel pitches.

Your heartbeat immediately spiked up to 100 beats per minute. Your shaking fingers clicked on the notification, which redirects to the email.

The email reads, "You've got feedback!"

"Rich C left comments on your submission in Write Your First Novel, Create the logline for your novel." It continues, "Review your feedback by visiting the course—and remember, you can always give extra reviews on classmates’ projects if you want to hone your own feedback skills."

At this point, your mind are full of thoughts, "What they re gonna say about me? Are they gonna shit on my work? If so, how bad is it?" Your minds is demanding answers, and you can't let it wait.

You then click on the "View Feedback" button. And after logging in to your account, you got to read the feedback.

As you started reading it, your eyes are wide open, your hands shook even harder, you carefully skim through the whole thing.

Oh. My. God. It was beautiful. And it wasn't shitting on you.

At this point, you wondered why you can't write reviews like this. You have one year of blogging under your belt, yet you can't get the most out of a single pitch line.

After reading the feedback, you calm down, your heart starts slowing down, and you go back to your normal life.

I don't know why this happens to me every single time I'm about to receive feedback.

From the days my first ever "fan" email made it to my inbox, to now having a year of blogging experience and creating a handful of creative works outside of writing, I still can't understand this raw adrenaline rush in my brain when hearing someone's opinion on my work.

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