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Reviewing Bear's new Discovery feed

Bear has completely changed its Discovery feed a few days ago.

Here is what it looks like at the moment:

What Bear looks like on 24/06/2022

Here is what it used to look like about a month ago (27 May, 2022):

What Bear looks like on 27/05/2022

The first significant change is the removal of Toast this post button. This is to fix the Double toast bug, where a post can be toasted (i.e. upvoted) twice. I'm happy that Bear finally fix this.

Another quite significant change is that the section format for each of the blog post has changed from N toast(s) (W week/days, D days/hours ago) to Published W week/days, D days/hours ago - N toast(s).

Overall, this is some positive changes for Bear. I hope to see it grow and become more popular.

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