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Some thoughts on Linux

I started using Linux about some 3 years ago, back when COVID was just looming.

At the time was also the EOL announcement of Window 7, which is what my decade-old computer is using.

Because I can't accept using Win 7 anymore, I decided to make the risky move of installing Windows 10 directly onto my machine.

The result?

My computer got bricked. The CPU was locked.

It does boot up, but unable to function properly.

Eventually, my dad had to call a repairing service, and they replaced the CPU with a 64-bit equivalent, along with a fresh Win 7 installation.

After that incident, I stumbled upon Linux, and realized that this is the true OS that my laptop is looking for.

So, I installed my first Linux distro ever (which is Xubuntu), and booted it up.

My memory is very hazy right now, so I can't recall my exact experience, but I remembered that it was not great.

Still, I keep staying to Linux, hopping around some distros: Manjaro, Fast Linux (A Japanese Linux distro), DragonflyBSD, MX Linux, and a whole other.

I don't stay on any of these for a long time, mostly because they lacked some features or something gone wrong which forced me to move to another.

Eventually, I landed on Pop!_OS, which is the distro I'm currently using at the time of writing this.

I also remembered quite vividly going to DistroWatch to just see a bunch of distros, or using my brother's old computer while he is not paying attention to flash Pop!_OS onto my USB because of DragonflyBSD.

About some time later, I got into window managers and customizing my Linux system. At first, I used i3 because it was the most popular option out there, and I was pretty happy with it.

But after learning about Wayland and Sway, I made the jump into it, along with reusing the i3bar because other notification bars for Sway just kinda sucks.

I was learning about how to configure my software, learning Neovim, finding necessary components for certain functions (like changing the brightness, notifications, etc.), and trial and error to come up with my 'perfect' system.

It was a very minimal rice, but sometimes that's just all you need.

I also get quite interested in r/unixporn, but never really posted my setup because I think it's pretty mid anyways.

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