<(^.^)> tsuki

Suffering with life

I consider myself to be pretty young, but I have suffered through many physical and mental problems in the past.

First it was tinnitus, which I got as far back as late 2021.

Then came the insomnia, which haunts me every so often.

I slso learned later on that I got CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome, which causes a person's eye to be extremely dry at time, and the eyeball also let the wind folwing in when traveling with a bike or a motorcycle.

With school time requiring me to wake up very early, I have to endure morning headache, dry eyes, feeling sleepy, and even back and shoulder pain.

I also have to take on many mental challenges.

With my mind becoming more of that of a coomer, filling with uncultured scenes between two fictional female video game/anime characters, it is harder for me to have a normal dream, or to go through a night without checking my pant to see if I blew my load yet.

And if I do, I have to silently go to the bathroom, clean all of the junk, replace the underwear, then back to sleep.

Recently I have gone through a mental breakdown because I overreacted to my teacher's message in the class' Messenger chatroom. It was embarassing.

The final line is: I have undergo many physical and mental problems, but in the ene, I'm still standing, ans going on with my life, and you should, too.

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