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The amount of hours you sleep is not the problem, it's how' you sleep

Recently, I make a very little change to my sleep.

Sleep in complete darkness.

I did this because I have heard other people saying that it changes their sleep for the better, and for me, it also does too.

I start sleeping much better, despite sleeping with roughly the same amount of hours, and the same sleep positions.

I woke up feeling more alert and fresh for the new day. No more of the morning headaches and tiredness.

Maybe it's just confirmation bias but I have been really enjoying it.

I also tried out pre-sleep practices (Deep breathing and stretches) and fixing my positions, both improved my sleep.

This also make me thought of something.

Sleep is not necessarily affected by the amount of hours you sleep, but by how you sleep.

If you sleep in only 7 and a half hours, but with good sleep positions and pre-sleep practices, then you will feel much better than if you sleep 8-9 hours but watched youtube before sleeping and sleep in abhorrent positions.

Sorry if this post is not very well-written. I wanted to get something out there because I feel like anything I'm making is just not great anymore. I just can't put my words in a way it sounds great honestly

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