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The customization obsession

Look, we can all agree that if you have ever used a piece of software on a daily basis or for work, chances are you have also customized it.

Whether it is using plugins, changing settings, adding cosmetic stuff, we have all customized our favourite software to our personal perferences, whether for purely cosmetic purposes or to optimize our workflow.

And many people obsessed over it, including me.

I remembered fiddling around in Vim just to make it look more stylish, and then realized that it was now so heavy that editing big files are essentially impossible, and I barely used all of them.

I think one of the reasons why we become incessant with customizing is just because.

We, more often than not, add a plugin because it looks cool or the concept is sounding rather than thinking about its practicality and how would we use it in our workflow.

The only exception to this would be plugins that are so essential to any developer that they can't live without them.

Like LSPs and file explorer plugins, for example.

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