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The tools I use to write blogs

When writing for this blog, I stored all of my drafts and finished posts under a directory called drafts in the .todo directory. .todo is where I store my plain text writings (todos and drafts).

When writing a post, I use Apostrophe (formally UberWriter) as my Markdown editor. It's an easy-to-use editor, with a smooth, beautiful UI.

For todos, I use the todo.txt format, and todo.sh for modifying my todos without editing the file directly.

I use Git to store all the changes inside my .todo folder, and also set up an alias to quickly commit without doing manually.

For storing images, I use Catbox. It's a 'weaboo' image hosting platform, but I honestly don't care. As long as it does what it needs to do, I will keep using it.

I take primary influence for my workflow from Plaintext Productivity.

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