<(^.^)> tsuki

This blog is kinda dead.

I don't think anyone needs to say anything, but I can say that my blog is kinda dead.

Looking at the analytics, my blog has not hit the double digit number for quite some time, when back when I still write consistently, this number is the norm.

There's a few spikes in there, but most of the time it's just 5, 6, 7 views per day.

Now, does this demotivate me? No.

I have been busy with my other hobbies (which is pixel art), and it has been a joy so far.

Also, the transistion fron 9th to 10th grade is coming for me, and I have to study pretty hard for this, since dropping from the gifted school would be a pretty disappointed outcome.

Another reason is that I have not been writing consistently, due to all the reasons above.

There are days where I wanted to let my thoughts out but opted to keep for myself.

I may write more in the future, but for now, I will try to write something once every week, even if it isn't of high quality.