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Using an outdated machine

I find weird saying this, but I am using the machine my uncle (who's a architect) gave to me and my brother over a decade ago as my main machine. It's a black and silver Dell Vostro 3550, and just to show how old it is, it has a CD drive slot.

the CD drive slot

Of course, this machine has shown its age over the years. The touchpad barely ever works now. The Intel sticker has lose its text. The Windows 7 sticker is nonexistent. It requires all-time battery charge whenever it is on. And it uses the Intel i3-2310M, which is very old.

A capture of me writing this post on the machine

With a CPU this old, I have got some problems running newer software. One time I am very excited to try Bun, the blazingly fast JS run-time, until I realized that Bun requires AVX2 to run properly, which my CPU doesn't support.

However, since switching to Linux, I have been pretty happy with this machine. It's the thing that made me got into Linux and programming. And it's the thing that I used to write this post.

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