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Web extensions that I use

I use a handful of extensions to make my job of surfing easier, to be more productive, or sometimes just because of its looks. Here is a list of web extensions that I use to my surfing better and/or easier, with links to them and my comments.

1. uBlock Origin

The extension that is automatically installed on LibreWolf. It does exactly what it says and it's an excellent extension. A feature I like about uBlock is the ability to block (i.e. remove) a specific element on a web page. It allows you to modify the website the way you want without actually affecting the website.

uBlock Origin Block Element in action

2. BitWarden

BitWarden is an open-source password manager that I have been using for a while. It is pretty decent, providing Free Cloud storage for passwords, Vault for storing, and a Password Generator. No addition comment on this one.

Link Hints is something you definitely need if you want to be more productive. It allows you to click on links simply by press the character coresspond to the link. I feel quite ashamed myself that I have not discover this concept until reading Surf Demystified.

Link Hints in action

4. Return Youtube Dislike, SponsorBlock and vidIQ

I will group these extensions into one part because they are all related to Youtube.

Return Youtube Dislike, as the name suggested, is an extensions that brings the Youtube dislike back.

SponsorBlock is an extension that lets you skip sponsors, intro, and other parts of a video that is not related to the video.

vidIQ extension allows you to analyze the video that you are watching, with things like thumbnails, engagement, views per hour (VPH), SEO, and others. I installed it because it let me understand a video more, and also because it looks cool ğŸ˜Ž.

5. Dark Reader

Dark Reader turns the site that you are visiting (unless they are in the Site List) to dark, so it hurts your eyes less. It does the job well, but sometimes the result can be horrendous, so be aware of that!

6. Neeva Search

I have fallen in love with Neeva since I first used it. Outstanding instant answers with a beautiful and smooth UI, ad-free, and an excellent UX. Love it.

Neeva provides a browser extension for Firefox, which is good, since LibreWolf--and Firefox in general--don't provide a way to add a new search engine from the Settings, unlike Chrome.

In addition to setting Neeva as the default search engine, the extensions also have a Tracker Blocker, which isn't need since I already have uBlock Origin, but it may come handy for those who doesn't install any ad blocker (which I think is very small).

Me searching Manta Ray on Neeva

7. GreaseMonkey

GreaseMonkey is an extensions that allows you to install and run userscripts i.e. scripts that modify your surfing experience. I like this one, since it allows you to install, modify, and create userscripts. I have used it to made a few scripts that makes my experience when I am on Hacker News.

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