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"What is the point of learning pixel art anymore in the generation of AI?"

This is a question I once saw on r/pixelart subreddit, and while it isn't exactly like the title, but you got the point.

Recently, I have been seeing a flow of people who got demotivated of learning art or just learning about everything because of AI.

Ans I think this sort of view is kinda, well, pointless, and also fairly negative in the wrong way.

Like, why would you stop walking just because electric motorcycles or cars or bike exists?

Or why would you stop learning art just because AI could do better art than you?

Bro, we don't stop learning learn how to cook just because food devliery apps exists.

We learn it usually because we want to do it, or we just want to have fun and have that feeling of achieving something by ourselves.

And it's the same thing with learning art.

You don't learn art because of AI, you learn art because of the joy and the amount of time and energy and fulfillment that you put into your work.

To you, the reader, if you are having this train of thought in your head in any way, please quit it right now.

Not only it is a negative almost-depressed school of thinking, it will also stop you from learning anything at all, which is worse for you, because those who don't continue learning will be left behind.

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