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Why my name is Tsuki

If you have visited this blog (either the first time or a fan of mine), you probably know me as Tsuki. But you may ask why did I choose this name.

Well, a few months ago, I was playing a game called Tsukis Odyssey. It's a mobile game made by HyperBeard (same team that made Adorable Home BTW). The story is that you are a rabbit named Tsuki and when you're going to your hometown, all the stuff in your home were stolen by a raccoon because of your dumb giraffe friend, and you have to start all over again.

Did I choose the name because of the gameplay? No. The game is boring as shit. What made me chose it is that in the game there's a field where you plant fruits and stuff. Whenever the crop is ready to harvest, the game alarms you about it with a creepy-looking Tsuki staring at your soul like it's about to kill you if you don't do the harvest.

Tsukis Odyssey logo

Tsukis Odyssey logo, though not the one I am talking about

I was very intrigued and from that, I used Tsuki as my nickname online.

Fun fact: I used to thought that Tsuki is some European first name, until I realized that it was a real Japanese word.

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