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wordlefind - A little tool to help me play Wordle.


So, for the past couple of days, I have been stuck in the house due to there are a few students who got COVID in my class. And I am bored in those days, so I decided to play some Wordle!

At first, I didn't pay attention much to it, but after the first day of studying at home, I have decided to grind it.

When I first started playing it, I was, of course, not very good at it. I was only getting a few lucky words, and most of them, I just throw away.

So, I made a simple little tool to help me get better at guessing the secret word, and it is called wordlefind.

How it works

wordlefind works pretty simple: First, you enter a Regex pattern, like this:


Then, it will find all 5-letter words in the dictionary that matches the pattern, and prints it out. In this case, entering this to the prompt will return:

Found 5 matches:

And that's it!

How I use it

When I use this tool, I usually use it like what I just showed you before: Put correct letters at the right position, and with place . on where the letter is not known yet.

Sometimes I use shorter patterns when I know that the correct letters are at the end or start of the word, like this:

^wo # When `wo` is the correct letters and at the start of the word
rld$ # When `rld` is the correct letters and at the end of the word

That sounds boring pretty cool! Can I try it?

Sure, you can go to the repo at here and follow the instructions.


Ok, so that's the end of this post, which is introducing a new project from mine for a long time. Peace out.

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