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Writing burnout

About a few months ago, I wrote a post titled Programming Burnout, where I talked about taking a break from programming and focusing on blogging.

And now, the burnout seems to come to me once again.

At first I didn't think that I have burnout, I thought I'm just having a creative block.

But as time goes and goes, I start feeling pressured having to post something.

I start multiple researches and writings, but never managed to finished any of them.

At this point, I have accepted that I'm having a burnout, and I need a break.

So, as with before, I will take a break from writing, and focusing on programming a bit more.

I have only restored hobbyist and competitive programming skills recently. I'm working on a little web game called Tick, whers you have to tick checkboxes as fast as possible.

I'm also learning and picking up a bunch of random skills, like making music and drawing pixel art, just for the sake of experiencing and learning.

Thank you to everyone who has read, emailed, and supported my blog. Reading your emails once in a while make my day. And I'm also thankful for anyone whos dedicated enough to subscribe to my feed and follow me on other social medias, even if I rarely used them.

And... yeah, I don't have much to say for now. Goodbye, keep yourself safe and healthy, and take breaks if you needed to.

Note that this doesn't mean I'm gonna quit writing completely. I still gonna write thought dumps every so often, but I will not publish them publicly, and also I'm not working on research-based articles.

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