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On blogging

When I first start blogging, it was pretty simple:

I write my blog posts using Apostrophe (A solid Markdown editor for Linux, I highly recommend it) on my computer, then go to Bear Blog where I hosted my blog, do a few clicks, copy-paste my blog from the editor to the text box, and click "Publish".

Thr process is almost exactly the same as it is back then, with a few changes and additions.

Instead of using Apostrophe, I switched to Obsidian, since it's more beautiful and more powerful.

I also switched from writing on my laptop to my phone, and that means I can write in any place at any time without hassle.

In addition to that, I also archive my posts using Archive.ph, since there's a chance my blog could go bye-bye at anytime without me knowing.

(I recommend every bloggers out there to archive their blogs. I wrote a pretty pathetic post about archiving blogs hosted on Bear)

I also used to share my posts on both my Twitter and on Hacker News, but I have decided to use Hacker News exclusively for distribution, as David Perell said in his very long article about writing:

The Internet is a game of power laws. One of the biggest myths in marketing is that you need multiple marketing channels to succeed. Every creator I know has one public platform that works way better for them than the othersโ€ฆ combined. Donโ€™t move to a second platform until youโ€™ve mastered the first.

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