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Update Life #4

Hello there! Long time no blog.

Recently, I have been though a 9-day experience where we experienced through how a military soldier lives: The way they eat, bath, sleep, etc. I'm not going through the entire thing here, as I can spend the entire day talking about it, but just know that it was a fun experience and I feel like a caveman after getting back home and using my phone again (Yes, we wasn't allowed to use our phone or computer at there).

Also, my wound from the bike ride has completely healed. Now it's just a dot on my knee!





When I got back home and opened my phone, I saw 140+ emails and a lot of YouTube videos to binge. I read quite a lot of the emails, but eventually Mark as read all of them. And with the YouTube videos, I spent 2 days binging all of them.

Right now, I am feeling pretty going back to my usual schedule. Ready to do some programming. Oh, and watching YouTube, of course.

Btw, I only noticed Bear now has a massive upgrade in its Dashboard section, so I got a bit confused. But fortunately not for too long.