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Update on the healing since the bike ride accident

This post will be about some updates on the healing since the bike ride accident.

If you don't want to read that post, then the TLDR is that 2 days ago, I hurt myself while riding a bike and that left me with a big open wound on my right leg.

I don't mention this in the original, but I also have a smaller, less painful wound on my left hand, which will be important later.

Left hand wound

Because of the leg wound, I have to change a lot of my habits. For example, when I'm about to plug the charger for my laptop, I have to place my left leg to the ground instead of my right.

The big wound also makes it harder for me to sit down and stand up when I am having lunch/dinner with my family, since now I have to leverage on something strong.

Similarly, the hand wound also changed a lot of my habit. More specifically, when I am brushing my teeth. When I'm about to clean my face, I now have to use the left hand.

The good side is that now I can walk normally without much pain, and moving the leg is less painful.

Overall, the wound seems to heal fairly fast, but I will have to wait for a few days for it to completely heal.

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